For Teachers

“I enjoyed watching the students who usually don’t take a leadership role really shine.” —High School Teacher

A Teacher’s Role

Teachers and group leaders who participate in Salish Sea Expeditions’ programs with their students are truly co-creators of their students’ adventures. Our staff works with educators to provide programs that are unique and original according to the needs and interests of participants.

The Approach

Using inquiry-based science is key to the experience that students have with Salish Sea Expeditions. Inquiry-based science is a student-centered, active learning approach focused on questioning, critical thinking, and problem solving. It provides students with opportunities to take the initiative, observe and question phenomena, pose explanations of what they see, devise and conduct tests to support or contradict their theories, analyze data, and draw conclusions from their experimental data. The approach enables students to direct their own learning experience.

The Experience

Our programs combine innovative classroom study with actual field research, providing an exciting educational opportunity for youth to learn scientific principles and practice.

Salish Sea Expeditions – A Teacher’s Perspective