Working as a team.

Please join with us for the 2019 Kitsap Great Give – Kitsap Community Foundation’s online giving day!  Your gift on or before April 23rd will support middle and high school students as they develop critical-thinking and creativity through student-led scientific research on Puget Sound.  Your donation will be stretched by the Kitsap Community Foundation to deepen the impact of your investment. 

Managing water samples.

With your help, we continue to provide meaningful, measurable and transformational learning on the waters of the Salish Sea –whether on a day trip or a week-long expedition. Discoveries that last a lifetime.

  • Students plan their research.
  • They chart a course.
  • They set sail and navigate.
  • They take samples.
  • They see plankton, swimming around, LIVE, for the first time!
  • They camp out.
  • They see for themselves that all the world’s a classroom.
  • And that we all have a stake in healthy air, land and water.
Making discoveries.

We continue to place the highest priority on working with students and teachers from underserved communities. For some, coming out on our 61-foot sailing research vessel is the first time they’ve ever seen the Salish Sea. For others, sleeping in a tent at a marine state park is the first time they’ve ever been camping.

Thanks to you, students from all walks of life come away from our programs feeling inspired and more confident. It’s a crucial starting point from which many paths lead — whether to jobs in the marine sector or as future scientists.

Please give generously on April 23, 2019.  You gift will make a difference.  Thank you!

If you have any questions about making a donation to Salish Sea Expeditions, please contact our Development Director Page Pless, at 206.780.7848 ext. 4 or Page [at]

Thank You to 2019 Kitsap Great Give Sponsors