Plan & Prepare

Below are a few ways that parents and students can plan and prepare for an upcoming Salish experience, be it a 1-day or 3-5 day program aboard our research vessel, Source watershed program or day camp.

Open enrollment and Day camp registrations

Open Enrollment Sound programs are 3-day expeditions open to individual students that are interested in science and sailing.  Follow the steps below to plan and prepare for these programs.

  1. Register for the program.
  2. Submit your payment via mail or here.
  3. Complete and return the medical release form.
  4. Complete homework packet.
  5. Review the “what to bring” list.
  6. Print directions to the marina.
  7. Arrive at the marina by time stated in the confirmation email.

Day Camps – follow the steps below to register your child and get them prepared for any of our day camp offerings;

  1. Register your camper.
  2. Submit your payment.
  3. Complete and return medical release form.
  4. Ensure your camper has a lunch each day.
  5. Arrive at camp location and sign your camper in.