Woodward Middle School – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Anacortes

Name(s): Woodward Middle School

School/Grade: 8th

Some very excited students made their way to meet their next adventure which was to start out of the Cap Sante marine in Anacortes.

The weather forecast was for warm temperatures and a slight sailing breeze out of the south to start their adventure. The next day plans to be a little more breezy which is good for filling sails.

Captain Michael

Captain Michael

The students were divided into two groups, called Watch Groups, to start the day. Each Watch Group then had a chance to rotate through sailing and science stations over the course of the day. In order to learn to hoist a sail, you must first learn about line handling and how best to keep your friends, and your fingers safe.

Learning to handle lines

Learning to handle lines

The other part of the day is for investigating their science question. The students work under the guidance of the Salish science educator to collect water samples which they will analyze. The students are investigating the relationship between copper and phytoplankton and trying to determine if there are levels of copper which might influence the abundance of plankton.

The Evening Report from the crew was that it was an awesome day. The evening shore activities included song wars after a big spaghetti dinner. The students have included their Afternoon Report of the day, including their experiences and expectations for tomorrow.

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