Willapa/Bremerton Day 3 – October 2015

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: Blake Island, Puget Sound

Name(s): Willapa/Bremerton

School/Grade: 10th-12th

The morning of the third day has been chilly and breezy with the wind blowing strong in the rigging of the boat.

The flags on the mast are plenty playful and sometimes stiff in the early wind.  The morning finds the students gathering ashore to discuss the wrap up of their science results from the last few days.  From the results, there were plenty of plankton out there.

Wind in the rigging

Wind in the rigging

There is anticipation in the air as students contemplate their chance at the Sail Challenge. They are excited and seem ready to step up to the challenge.

Last night was an evening filled with stories and games before settling into a serious fire for s’mores on the beach.

Food prep in the boat galley

Food prep in the boat galley

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