Willapa/Bremerton Day 1 – October 2015

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Bremerton marina

Name(s): Willapa/Bremerton

School/Grade: high school

The students sailed from Bremerton, through Rich Passage, and on their way to Blake Island where they spent the night.

Evening thoughts from the boat

We had a nice first day, with sweet kids, a few hunters who are very excited about the wildlife we see and how yummy they would be on the plate. The kids all get along really well, and work hard. We got chores done early on the boat today and even got to take a short walk, taking a few moments of silence in the wilderness. Looking forward to tomorrow!

-Maiya (Salish crew)

Evening report from ashore

relayed from Ryan (Salish crew)

The day has come to an end.  The tents are set up ashore, and there is a slight drizzle falling on the fire burning in the firepit.  Fire shadows are dancing on the circle of students trying their best not to burn marshmallows on sticks.  Stories from today and days past are filling the evening.

Wind Watch is ashore tonight, which is comprised of all the Bremerton students joined by four of the Willapa Valley senior students.  Water Watch, the remaining Willapa Valley students, is on the boat tonight.

The science started at the marina this morning as the students began to test their hypothesis. The students hypothesis is to compare the turbidity of marine waters near an urban area vs. the turbidity of the marine waters associated with areas of less development.  They are interested in determining where the waters would be more turbid, and if there is a relationship between the turbidity of the water and the abundance of plankton.

The students deployed secchi disks and niskin bottles to sample the water.  They were interested in sampling near the edge of the photic zone, which is the depth to which light penetrates for the benefit of phytoplankton.  Today they sample waters down to 9m.

There was an abundance of sea birds observed today as well as a number of seals.

Lunch was comprised of soup and sandwiches, and dinner was build-a-burrito.  Everyone is feeling well, and looking forward to another day of science and sailing.

Morning observations

The students are arriving at the marina full of anticipation, and finding the right combination of raingear in anticipation of a blustery couple days.

Willapa Vally students at the marina

Willapa Valley students at the marina

Bremerton High School students at the marina

Bremerton High School students at the marina

The students will come to a consensus on their science question in the morning, which will guide them in how they will deploy science equipment and analyze water samples for the next couple days.

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