Waskowitz Environmental Leadership School – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Noah and Roy

School/Grade: 11th

The students awoke to a calm morning with the S/V Carlyn reflected in the glassy waters of the bay.
It was a peaceful morning as the Water Watch Group students packed up camp on shore while the Wind Watch Group packed up and stowed their gear on the boat. The Water Watch would soon be shuttled by small boat to the Carlyn to begin the next day of their adventure.

The Morning Report comes from the north end of Lopez Island and was contributed by Noah and Roy.

The temperature is 57 degrees this morning and there is a very light wind from 100 degrees (east). The sky cloud coverage is 100% and the clouds appeared to be altostratus. There has been precipitation in the last 24 hours.

The weather forecast for the San Juan Island is winds from SE 5-15kts becoming S 10-20. Tonight the winds will be from the SE at 10-20kts becoming 5-15kts by midnight with showers. Tomorrow the winds will be SE 10-20kts becoming S 5-15kts by noon.

There was a high tide (7.1) at 05:03 this morning, low tide (-0.4) will be at 11:58. The next high tide will be (7.4) at 19:34 followed by the low tide (5.6) at 00:11 (tomorrow).

Water usage yesterday was <25 gals, food waste was ~5 gal.

  • This day in history. In 1792 Capt. Robert Gray discovered the Columbia River.

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