Waskowitz Environmental Leadership School – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Odlin Park, Cyprus Island

Name(s): Seth, Duane and Jessica

School/Grade: 11th

The students arrived to the boat by mid-morning with their gear and excitement for the journey that lay ahead. For most it was the first time on a boat with a chance to explore Puget Sound and the marine waters around the San Juan archipelago. It was vastly different from their typical day on campus yet provided a time for getting to know each other a bit more.

The students deployed science equipment several times during the day to collect information for investigating their science question. They also spent time getting familiar with the boat and learning some nautical skills to help them in their days ahead.

The daily Afternoon Report was provided by Seth, Duane and Jessica today.

Carlyn is moored about 100ft from the beach at Odlin Park off Lopez Island. The Water Watch group is on the boat for the evening which the Wind Watch group is settling into an evening on shore.

The weather today was very beautiful. It was on and off sun with no rain which made the day really nice of the boat.

Science was very hands-on today. Emily (Marine Scientist) made it engaging and very educational. Sailing was more confusing and was not what we expected. There were a lot of new terms for sailing which added to the difficulty. Also there was little wind so we motored most of the day.

We plan to have a long day on the boat tomorrow doing more science and learning more sailing.

There are many things that made today interesting from walking on the beach to playing games and having deep talks with one another.

Ship Track Day 1 – Anacortes to Lopez Island

Collecting water from a Niskin bottle

Examining a plankton sample

Dousing the mainsail on the approach to Lopez Island

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