TAF Academy Day 3 – October 2015

Trip Day: TAF Academy

Location: Blake Island/Puget Sound

Name(s): TAF Academy

School/Grade: 9th grade

The students have spent considerable time over the last few days collecting and analyzing water samples to help them test their original hypothesis. The results of the finding have been transferred to the charts and graphs which will eventually lead to further discussion as to what the finding could be telling them.

Data relationships

Data relationships

Afternoon thoughts

Some images from the afternoon, including students engaged in science and sailing.

Striking the sail ... all hands on deck.

Striking the sail … all hands on deck.

Navigating the inland waters of Puget Sound

Navigating the inland waters of Puget Sound

Science aboard

Science aboard


Morning thoughts

The day began quiet with Blake Island nestled in the fog.

Morning across the water

Morning across the water

Today is the Sail Challenge when the students ‘take over’ the boat and work as a team to navigate the boat (under silent guidance from the crew).

The marine forecast is calling for the wind to increase and the inland seas to get a bit more exuberant as the day wears on.  What a great day for a sail!


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