TAF Academy Day 2 – October 2015

Trip Day: TAF Academy Day 2

Location: Puget Sound, Blake Is.

Name(s): TAF Academy

School/Grade: 9th grade

Afternoon Report From Carlyn

Reported by Marie and Garrett, Day 2

The day started out very foggy, the crew and students awoke to the sound of ferry fog horns and the scamper of raccoon feet on deck and deer feet in the campsite.

While loading gear we all observed a raccoon scamper down a dock, then climb upside down under a dock while looking for food…an inverted raccoon is definitely a sight to behold, the only part to get wet: the tip of his tail.

As for wildlife sightings for the day, that would include an upside down raccoon, Sea Lions, Seals, and Moon Jellies

Last night the Carlyn moored at the marina dock on the northside of Blake Island which is near a small state park. The students have renamed Blake Island “Deer and Raccoon Litterbox Island” for the abundant amount of deer and raccoon droppings in the grass.

The weather this morning started out so FOOOOOOGGGY… and stay that way till late this afternoon.  Luckily the has been no rain, but there was a bit of sunshine for an afternoon hike.

Science: The watch was asked to deploy a plankton net in silence.  After 2 minutes of planning the team was able to deploy and recover the net successfully.  They seem surprised it wasn’t more difficulty.

Sailing: The students were divided into teams in order to learn tacking (how to turn the boat through the wind while sailing) and navigation…all in preparation for the Salish Challenge tomorrow!

(from crew member Michael) The students have adapted to life afloat and in camp, and are laughing, learning and having a great time. Tomorrow brings the Salish Challenge, where the put all their skills to the test….Science, Sailing, Cooking, Naviagation and Boat Managment.  I have every confidence that they will come together as a team and be incredibly successful.

Morning image

Foghorns and radar … click here for an image of Blake Island shrouded in mystery this morning. The image shows crew member Maiya checking on the wind (no wind) in the sail.

Early morning thoughts

My bike commute this morning offered me a sense for the peacefulness and calm across Puget Sound.  There is low laying fog like a blanket that is keeping the water quiet this morning.  You can hear the calls of the birds from a distance across the water.

My sense is, it is quite peaceful on the boat as well as at the campsite this morning.  The serenity can sure capture the mind.  There is no good way to capture the moment of the morning besides just experiencing the quiet.

I wanted to put these thoughts out to you because the essence of a morning like this can get lost in the fray of later activities.  It can be difficult to convey a morning experience like this, but know it is there.

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