Schmitz Park Elementary (trip #4) Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Jones Island

Name(s): Schmitz Park Elementary

School/Grade: 5th

There were some excited fifth graders that made their way to

Cap Sante marina today. By looking at the marine track of their journey for today, you can see they had quite an inter-island experience on their way to Jones Island.

Today they sailed for most of the day, which is not always typical when the boat travels the long distance between islands. Along the way they crossed paths with some storied sailboats, the Adventuress and the Zodiac. Perhaps a bit more exciting for the crew, but played off as pirate ships for awhile.

The cell service in their current part of the world is limited, so the amount of pictures and even the evening/afternoon report will have to wait until tomorrow.

It was a good day for sailing and science though as you can see from the pictures which came through relatively early in the day.

Working lines for hoisting sails

Working lines for hoisting sails

Preparing for science on the bow.

Preparing for science on the bow.

Science on the bow. Preparing the niskin bottle.

Science on the bow. Preparing the niskin bottle.

At one point, a friend of Salish captured an incredible image of the S/V Carlyn sailing in proximity of the S/V Zodiac, considered a ‘classic windjammer’.

Tomorrow the tentative plan is to make their way towards James Island or perhaps Spencer Spit depending on how the tides and the crowds on the water play out.

The Afternoon Report sheds some light on the day.

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