Perkins School – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: Puget Sound/Blake Island

Name(s): Perkins School

School/Grade: 4th/5th

“The waves got bigger, and then we put extra lines on the tents but the rainbow with Seattle in the background was amazing!”
The experiences can’t ever be scripted when you are spending three days exploring the marine waters of Puget Sound in March.

S’mores over the fire last night made a blustery day on the water a proud memory of accomplishments. The students collected water samples which they examined under the microscopes and got plenty of time learning nautical skills.

Peering into the microscopic world

    The spirits were good this morning and the weather provided a calm welcoming to the day.

      The Afternoon Report reflects some unexpected critter visitors in the night.

      The crew spent a successful day sailing down into Colvos Passage and back as is evident in the ship’s track showing the travels of the student adventure over the last two days.

      Raising the Mainsail

        Looking deep into microscopes

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