Perkins School – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Puget Sound

Name(s): Perkins School

School/Grade: 4th/5th

As the bags piled up, so did the excitement for the journey ahead.
It was the first time for some to consider putting on foul weather gear, but the way the day turned out … blustery … it is likely they found an appreciation for the rubberized invention.

Once aboard the good ship Carlyn, the students made their way to the helm/cockpit for a safety briefing and a pre-journey photo op.

Snuggled in the cockpit of the boat

It turned out to be a more challenging day on the water than the morning weather hinted towards. The good captain anticipated the afternoon winds to pick up and during the day positioned the boat to take advantage of the leeward spaces.

    By the end of the afternoon, the boat was tied to space in the Blake Island marina and the students were completing afternoon tasks and preparing for the evening.

    The Afternoon Report will give a sense for the activities of the day.

    Feeling the Wind

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