Peak to Peak Charter School

Trip Day: Day One

Location: Anacortes

Name(s): Peak to Peak Charter

School/Grade: 6th

The students arrived early in the morning to the Denver airport with clear skies and the rising sun. After many card games in route, they stepped off the plan in Seattle to clear skies and sunshine as if only transported in time.

The bus made it to the Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes a bit after noon and were met by an eager Salish Sea Expeditions crew.

It was a great day as is reflected in the Afternoon Report submitted by Ander and William.
The Water Watch is staying aboard the S/V Carlyn tonight, anchored just of shore of Spencer Spit on the northern side of Lopez Island in the San Juan Island archipelago.
Wind Watch has set up their tents at the camp sites on Spencer Spit.


It was a fair journey traveling from Anacortes (Cap Sante Marina) to their evening destination at Spencer Spit.

The track for the day

The track for the day

Setting the mainsail

Setting the mainsail

Science planning on the bow

Science planning on the bow

Tomorrow promises to be another great day of sailing and science.

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