Peak to Peak Charter School – Day 5

Trip Day: Day 5

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Peak to Peak School

School/Grade: 7th

It is always bittersweet to post to the last Ship’s Log of the trip, but it also means that another great journey and adventure in science and sailing has been completed.

This last day was decided to be the Challenge Day for the students. The students now have the knowledge and skills to plan their course, navigate their course, set the sails, plan their science deployment and carry out their science deployment on their way back to the marina in Anacortes.
Today is the day of reckoning. They either find the way back while collecting vital science data in a timely fashion, or remain lost at sea for the remainder of their days. It may not be that dramatic, but it can feel like a tremendous challenge to accomplish the goals set for them at the beginning of the day.

Challenge day at the helm

Challenge day at the helm

Preparing for the science challenge

Preparing for the science challenge

Discussion of the bow

Discussion of the bow

Does it seem particularly mystic that the overall track of the ship, when compiled from the five day journey, resembles the outline of an Orca? Kinda spooky!


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