Peak to Peak Charter School – Day 4 & 5

Trip Day: Day 4

Location: Jones & Lopez Islands

Name(s): All Students

School/Grade: Peak to Peak/7th Grade

Science Wrap-up and Challenge Day were a huge success!

Lots of learning and fun, along with some marvelous mistakes and take aways! I had the pleasure of joining the Peak to Peak students onboard the Carlyn for the last two days of their Expedition, and was incredibly impressed by their creativity, maturity, and engagement. One of my highlights was watching the Science Wrap-Up Thursday evening, which took the place pf the Ship’s Log, as all students were on shore. Each research group shared their data and findings, with a flair – haikus, songs, choreographed dances abound! While hard to capture the spirit and scientific work and wonder that was unfolding, below are a few of the moments I was able to capture. ~ Stephanie, Education Director


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