Peak to Peak Charter School – Day 3

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: Deer Harbor, Orcas Is.

Name(s): Peak to Peak School

School/Grade: 7th

The group woke to rain and a chilly breeze this morning, but take with them some keen memories of exploration in the unique geology of Sucia Island, as well as whale sightings from the previous day. The warm morning breakfast felt good in their tummies as they rolled up tents and stuffed sleeping bags. They departed the ‘horseshoe’ shaped island anticipating a good sailing day.


They set sail for Deer Harbor on Orcas Island as the rain let up and the weather shifted such that they peeled a few layers by the end of the day.

The day was filled with some ‘belly biology’ at the dock at Deer Harbor with time to stretch their legs and minds with some games in the field.

Belly biology

Belly biology

Piggy back races

Piggy back races

Field games

Field games

Some ‘Afternoon Reporters’ are a bit more emotive than others 🙂

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