Peak to Peak Academy – Day 4

Trip Day: Day 4

Location: Spencer Spit, Lopez Is.

Name(s): Student crew

School/Grade: 7th

It was a day of many layers that began with foggy and soggy, became blue and bright, turned dark and thundery and, ended with a blustery and rainy evening. Living in the northwest in spring can be a test of perspectives.

The boat traveled over 25 miles on the water today, yet ended up at Spencer Spit, Lopez Island, which is only a mile of where they started. The wonder of traveling amongst the archipelago of the San Juan Islands.

The boat and crew departed from Odlin Park in the morning and made their way to Deer Harbor on Orcas Island in order to make a scheduled stop to take on water and fuel.
The students had a chance to practice the sailing skills today, interspersed with more science deployments.
At the end of the day they had a chance to discuss the results of the data they collected during the science wrap-up.

Tomorrow is Challenge Day in which the students will be posed with the challenge to make their way back to marina at Anacortes. They will need to employ the skills they have learned in sailing and navigating as well as deploying science gear along the way.

It appears some are already in the Captain mode from some of the images captured today.

Tending the jibsail line

LIfe on the bow

The look of a Captain

The San Juan landscape

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