Peak to Peak Academy – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Pelican Beach, Cyprus Is.

Name(s): Nivedita and Evelyn

School/Grade: 7th

The students completed their incredibly long journey to the Salish Sea and arrived at the marina near noon today. The marine waters of the Salish Sea seemed a world away from the mountainous landscape of Boulder Colorado, yet the students blended from the bus to the boat without hesitation.
After recharging with lunch and stowing gear away, the skies cleared and the crew cast away from the dock.

The captain set a course for Pelican Beach on Cyprus Island where the students set up camp for the night. Tomorrow the plan is to make the long journey around the northern side of Orcas Island on their way to the next destination.

The Afternoon Report, provided by Nivedita and Evelyn, offers some insights and highlights from the day.

Describe the anchorage for tonight;
The S/V Carlyn is about 30 meters away from the east side of Cyprus Island. The beach is very rocky and it is surrounded by lush forest.

Describe today’s weather;
It was rainy when we arrived at the marina, but it cleared soon afterward for some smooth sailing for the rest of the day. There were just some clouds in the sky after that.

Describe highlights from the science and sailing lessons today;
We learned about the equipment we will be using for our experiments, and the parts and layout of the boat.

Do you have any concerns of expectations for tomorrow?
We would like to see come cool wildlife such as birds and whales, or something not found in Colorado.
Some nice weather would be great.

As a naturalist for this expedition, draw or describe with words something that is new to you or something that interests you where you are camping tonight.
The ocean is really vibrant containing many colors. It resembles glass in a way. The forest has a bit of lush layers. There is a layer of tall pines and deciduous trees surrounded by smaller bushes and trees. They seem like mountainous pieced of rock jutting from the valley coverd in the forest. We’ve already seen barnacles covering pieces of reock and friftwood and a bright red seastar basking under water.

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