Pacific Northern Academy – Day 3

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: Jones Island

Name(s): PNA Student crew

School/Grade: 6th

The early morning offered a glorious sky as the campers emerged from their tents. The sideways light made long shadows into the forest while the students made breakfast and packed up their tents and gear.

The journey so far has taken the students over the top of Orcas Island to the remote Sucia Island.
The plan for today was to travel further west and south to the small and remote Jones Island.

Jones Island is a special place full of scenic overlooks and hikes through the forests. Each program has one special night in which both Watch Groups, essentially all the students come together for a discovery hike and common fire. Tonight the students will share dinner ashore, share a fire, cook s’mores and tell plenty of stories.

The students collected more data for the science question today, and honed more navigation skills.
Early tomorrow the students will debrief their science results together while onshore and board the S/V Carlyn by mid-morning.

The students will be presented with a Challenge Day, in which they will need to operate the boat including making their way back to Anacortes, and manage a science deployment in the afternoon.

All is well on the good ship Carlyn.

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