Pacific Northern Academy – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: Echo Bay, Sucia Island

Name(s): Lilly and student crew

School/Grade: 6th

It was a fabulous sunrise to begin the second day of the journey amongst the San Juan Islands. Wind Watch spent the night ashore and wrapped up breakfast and some time of solace before shuttling back to the S/V Carlyn. Water Watch emerged to the morning from the fo’c’sle and set about organizing the boat to start the day.

The crew eventually made the long journey from Pelican Beach on Cyprus Island to Echo Bay on Sucia Island. The student crew chronicled the day in their Afternoon Report.

The Afternoon Report was contributed by Lillian, Iris, Aven, Maggie, Joaquin, Keno, and Tully.
Describe an interesting part of the day.
It was amazing that many of us got to see shrimp plankton eyes through the microscope
What were the interesting observations from the day?
We saw a lot of harbor porpoise and seals. We also saw a Spotted rat fish.
Where did the adventure stop for the day?
Tonight the S/V Carlyn is anchored in a well protected by calm waters. There is a lot of greenery around us.
What was the weather like today?
The weather today was very sunny and clear.
Describe some highlights from the day.
One highlight from today is when we went to deploy our science gear. Keno and Tully tied the line on backwards and had to tie it over again.
What are you excited about for tomorrow?
The weather was so nice today that we hope is will be the same, but with a little less wind because it was a little chilly.

Ship’s track – day 2

Listening to the sail

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