Pacific Northern Academcy – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Pelican Beach, Cyprus Is.

Name(s): Daniel and crew

School/Grade: 6th

The long journey from Alaska finally turned into the anticipated short walk down the marina dock to the boat which was waiting for their adventure. The tall mast rocked gently as each of the students stepped aboard to stow their gear.

The Salish crew met the students, the students met the crew. The students were excited to see their Marine Scientist, Elena, from the Skype visit the week earlier.
Everything was in place as the students watched the S/V Carlyn slowly slip away from the dock and on towards exploring the San Juan Islands.

It was a special day as the student Afternoon Report provides some insight.

The Afternoon Report was a collective effect from the student crew.
Daniel, Zach, Ben, Sahas, Maya, Brooke and Anna
The Afternoon Report:
Today we saw porpoises from the boat. The porpoises and the birds in the water were our most favorite wildlife sightings from the day.

The boat ended up at Pelican Beach. It is a place with lots of rocks.

Today’s weather was mostly sunny with some wind.
We don’t have any concerns or questions for tomorrow, but we sure are excited for the day.

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