Open Window School – Day 3

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: Jones Island

Name(s): OWS Student crew

School/Grade: 6th-7th

The now seasoned student crew woke up on Jones Island which is situated off the western edge of Orcas Island in the San Juan archipelago. The dramatic morning sunrise poked through the layers of clouds and for a time shined across the landscape. It was a pleasant morning that didn’t reveal the windy forecast for the afternoon and evening. The students enjoyed their morning routine which now included making breakfast, packing up camp and loading the boat for an early cast off the dock.

The morning plan was for each vessel, the S/V Carlyn and S/V Orion to travel together tacking across the San Juan channel and stopping several times to deploy science equipment on their way to Deer Harbor on Orcas Island.
The scheduled stop at Deer Harbor provided time for the crew to fill water and fuel tanks, and the students to pull together their science results to date.
By mid-day the weather forecast would dictate whether the crews would press on towards the camp at Four Winds Ho, or return to Jones Island. Each location is better suited for differing wind conditions.
With an evening small craft advisory for winds shifting from the west and south, the captains decided to make their way back to Jones Island and remain nestled in the lee for the night.

As the winds are forecast to lessen by morning, it is anticipated the students will make their way to Spencer Spit on Lopez Island for the next evening.

The 3-day adventure so far has provided the students with a unique course around the northern portion of Orcas Island.

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