Open Window School, Day 1, April 2015

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Sucia Island, WA

Name(s): Subi, Olivia

School/Grade: Open Window School/6th

Do you have any interesting stories about today…

Today I had a lot of fun raising the boom,, learning knots, and even learning how to use the head was intriguing.

Any favorite wildlife sightings, quotes, games to share?

Our favorite was skittles, pretty much any seal we saw we would shout “SKITTLES” and burst out laughing. One of my personal favorite quotes was “The gorilla is falling the gorilla is falling” and “the gorilla is landing!!” we used that to alert our captain that we were starting an experiment or other things relating to the topic. Also some of us sang a few songs at level 4 noise, (we started at level ten then we realized it was too loud) in harmony like “look at the trees” and things like that.

Describe the anchorage or moorage where Carlyn is right now:

We are attached to a linear moorage, close to the shore. We ferried off half of us to go to the shore while the rest of us are left on boat to sleep here.

Today’s weather:

It was rainy at first but it cleared up quickly right before lunch, afterward it was sunny and bright for the rest of the day with (we expect) a beautiful sunset to top it off.

Describe highlights from today’s science and sailing watches:

We saw skittles and had a great lunch, and washing the decks was fun, a lot more then scrubbing a deck would be if we weren’t with our friends.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or expectations for tomorrow?

We don’t have any concerns or questions. Our only expectation is tomorrow will be too fun and great for us to bear.

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