Open Window School – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Sucia Island

Name(s): Spencer, IMB

School/Grade: Open Window School/6th

When sailing in the San Juan Islands, there’s a caveat…

Good news is, your student scientists are unplugged and fully immersed in their science under sail Expedition, as there’s not a lot of wifi or service in some parts of the San Juan Islands. However, that also means that when sending and receiving the Ship’s Log, we can encounter some technical difficulties.

I promise your students are safe, and can pretty much guarantee that they are having an unforgettable time (see evidence here: Instagram). Stay tuned…as we hope to have the Ship’s Log uploaded soon! ~ Stephanie, Education Director

Houston…we have contact!

Ships Log, Day 1, Page 1

Ships Log, Day 1, Page 2

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