Odyssey School Trip II – Day 1&2

Trip Day: Day 1 and 2

Location: Main basin Puget Sound

Name(s): Odyssey School

School/Grade: 7th

This Odyssey/Commodore School trip started much like

the first one earlier this week, from the dock of the Queen City Yacht Club. With the public dock at the Waterfront Park out for repairs and refurbishing, the good folks at the yacht club offered to provide the facilities for these local school programs. A shout-out needs to go to the folks at the yacht club that made it happen … Eric, Kurt, David and Scott.
The S/V Carlyn cast off the dock by mid-morning during the low tide and headed for the open waters of the main basin Puget Sound.

The Afternoon Report for Day 1 was provided by Charles and Johnny.
Our moorage is at Blake Island tonight.
The weather report:
The high temperature was 61 degrees today, with a partly cloudy sky was turned mainly sunny later in the day.
Describe some highlights:
Today we spotted a Northern fur seal which we thought was in danger but it was OK. The results of testing our water samples we collected today were in the normal range.
Questions and expectations:
What will be for breakfast?
Expectations for tomorrow:
We sure hope we can get all three sails up.

The students gathered some skills in sailing and line handling during the last couple days. Students at the science station were busy analyzing water samples, investigating pH levels, and looking at their collection of plankton under the microscopes. It has been very nice, sunny weather the last couple days which helps take the chill off the early October mornings.

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