Odyssey School Trip I – Day2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: Puget Sound main basin

Name(s): Odyssey Multi-age school

School/Grade: 7th

It started as a chilly, dark and cloudy morning
with a weather forecast that put a frown on the captain’s face. By the end of the day though, we put in a good day of sailing and science in some breezy sunshine.

The Afternoon Report has been provided by students in the Water Watch.
Tell us some interesting storys from the day:
Camden’s hat fell in the water and the captain put into motion a man-overboard drill to go get it. A large ship got in the way though and he decided we weren’t going to be able to recover the hat.

Tell us about a favorite moment of the day:
We played the game ‘Who sir, me sir’.
We also saw a baby raccoon on the island.

Describe the moorage:
Tonight we’re docked at the Blake Island marina

Describe todays weather:
It started partly cloudy, then came the sunshine but it was windy for a good part of the day.

What were some highlights from your science and sailing experiences:
It was awesome looking at plankton under the microscope.
We also learned how to coil lines on the deck.

What questions to you have for tomorrow?
What is Challenge Day going to be like?
Will we be able to play Capture the Flag?

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