Odyssey School Trip I – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Main basin Puget Sound

Name(s): Odyssey School

School/Grade: 7

Students enjoyed an exceptional fall day as they
left Eagle Harbor on their way to the main basin of Puget Sound to experience hands-on activities in science and sailing.
At mid-day the group saw a group of Orcas traveling along the east side of Bainbridge Island. The experience added to their science investigation and added to the importance of sampling and monitoring the marine waters.

The Afternoon Report was contributed by Annabel and Lily.

Interesting bits of the day:
We wore fabulous raingear and got to blow water through straws to demonstrate how we can change the pH of water.
Wildlife sighting:
We saw Orcas and lots of deer.
Describe the anchorage:
For the evening the boat will be tied to the marina dock at Blake Island.
Describe the weather:
The day was a mix of sun, rain and clouds.
Describe some highlights from the day:
Getting to Blake Island was quite awesome. The snacks were great.
Do you have questions about tomorrow?
How often are we going to be with the other group of students?
What will the menu be for the next couple days?

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