Odyssey Multiage School

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Puget Sound

Name(s): Odyssey School

School/Grade: 7th and 8th

The forecast was for some unseasonably good weather for the early part of the week, and there was plenty of anticipation for the upcoming Salish SOUND Program adventure as the students made a fire line on the dock to stash their gear aboard the good ship Carlyn.

The students helped to set the sails on their way out of Eagle Harbor for their trip of sailing and science on Puget Sound. Their objective is to sample the marine water at several locations over the course of their 3-day adventure in order to get a sense for the dynamics of the estuarine complex of Puget Sound.

The end of the day found the boat, crew and students at Blake Island where they wrapped the day in exploration, games, dinner and setting up camp.

Exploring the beach at sunset

Exploring the beach at sunset

A camp site with a view

A camp site with a view


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