North Kitsap Options Program

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: San Juan archipelago

Name(s): McKayla and Lena

School/Grade: 6th/7th/8th

The sun was already a couple hours high in the sky when the student crew arrived at the marina at 08:15. The clear sky was an indication of a warm day ahead. The limp flag at the marina provided further evidence the day was going to be calm.
The students carried their boots and raingear to the boat.

After loading their gear aboard the good ship Carlyn, and getting the lowdown on safety instruction, the Carlyn slipped its lines from the dock and headed out to the great adventure provided by the San Juan Islands.

After learning about coamings and halyards and cabin tops, the student then practiced tending lines and deploying science equipment on their quest to better understand their science question.
The long sail day ended at the northern end of Cyprus Island.

The Afternoon Report was provided by McKayla and Lena.

We saw a sea lion swimming near our camp this evening.
We called out to the Carlyn but they didn’t hear us. It was fun to see so much wildlife today!
We saw multiple animals today! At the point we saw a sea otter … it was cute and happy.
We also saw a porpoise family jumping in the waves!
We then saw salmon swimming around our boat.
The Carlyn is now sitting off the coast Cyprus Island looking directly at Pelican Beach.
Today’s weather was AWESOME! Blue skies and sun with a bit of wind.
The plankton in this area are at high levels of juicyness.
We are very excited about tomorrow and are looking forward to updating you!!

Tomorrow should be fun and interesting.

Ready to lead the way

The photo team

Firelining our gear

Ready on the starboard side

Lines are ready

Slipping away for our adventure

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