North Kitsap Options Program – Day 4

Trip Day: Day 4

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Student crew

School/Grade: 6th/7th/8th

The early morning fog darkened the glassy water of the bay while the sun lightened the top edges of the gray blanket. Breakfast at the campsite was accompanied by the gulls morning laughter and the occasional ferry wake breaking on the shoreline.

For the last three days the students have been collecting water and plankton samples along their sea adventure and recording their resultant observations and measurements. Today they will start by putting all their data together and discuss the story it reveals through their science wrap-up.

Later after they have stowed their gear aboard and slipped the line from the mooring ball, the students will begin their Challenge Day. With all the skills they have developed over the last three days, the students will be challenged to operate the boat, deploy science equipment, feed the crew and generally manage all aspects of the boat for the journey home.

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