North Kitsap Options Program – Day 3

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: Odlin Park, Lopez Island

Name(s): North Kitsap student crew

School/Grade: 6th/7th/8th

The boat rocked through the night and the tents kept rhythm with the pulse of the windy night. The students slept with ease through it all after a long day of science and sailing.
The sun welcomed the students early being well above the spring horizon as the shore group emerged from their tents, and the boat group climbed the steps from the inside the cabin.

With breakfast done and gear stowed again, the student crew felt more comfortable helping the Salish crew tend sail lines and prepare for the a science deployment. The students were becoming more connected with the Good Ship Carlyn.
The boat cast away from Pelican Beach on Cyprus Island in the morning with plans to sail across Rosario Strait towards Lopez Island collecting science samples along the way.

The crew ended up at Odlin Park on the northern end of Lopez Island for the night. There was an all-hands dinner on the boat and a subsequent sunset campfire on shore with lots of stories and games.

Sampling plankton

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