North Kitsap Options Program – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: East of Rosario Strait

Name(s): Tara and Cach

School/Grade: 6th/7th/8th

The crew slipped the line from the mooring buoy at Pelican Beach early and were underway by 9:00. It was an odd weather day in the islands today. The weather converged from different directions through the day, but mostly intensified from the north. As a result, the captain did not take the boat too far into Rosario Strait. The boat stayed between Cyprus and Sinclair Islands for most of the day.

Regardless the students experienced the flavor of the San Juan Island archipelago while sampling the marine water for their science project and learning some valuable nautical skills. The students are investigating the physical and chemical properties of the marine water in relation to various depths. They are wanting to investigate some factors influencing the plankton communities.

The Afternoon Report provided by Tara and Cash.

When we were looking at plankton through the microscopes down in the lab, and the ship was rocking a lot, all of us got a little seasick while below deck.
Striking the sails was so much fun.
We saw a seal and it was really cute.
Before lunch we played a game called YeeHaw, and it was really, really fun.
Today we also saw some other people on the water.
The Carlyn is tied to a large mooring boey. There are 2 other bougys (boo-ey) with boats.
The weather was really sunny and sometimes very windy.
Our highlights from the day included;
Our Water Watch science deployment was good. We also learned a lot about navigating.
Our questions from the day include how to spell buoy.
Also, how do we fix Tara’s vocabulary.

Ships Track – day 2

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