North Kitsap Options, Day 1, March 2015

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Bremerton

Name(s): Alice, Audrey

School/Grade: Options/ 7th

Do you have any interesting stories about today….

We left from Bremerton which was founded by William Bremer, a man from Germany.

Any favorite wildlife sightings, quotes, games to share?

We sang songs, decided what our favorite super power would e. We saw raccoons on Blake Island. We also saw a harbor porpoise, seals, and a great blue heron!

Describe the anchorage or moorage where Carlyn is right now:

On a dock off Blake Island.

Today’s weather:

Mostly rained and was really cold.

Describe highlights from today’s science and sailing watches:

Both groups got plankton samples and pH level samples.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or expectations for tomorrow?

Rain is very wet
Rain gear protects us from the cold
We are happy now

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