Mt Erie Elementary School – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Lopez Island

Name(s): Sabine, Aiden, Kendyl

School/Grade: 5th, 6th

The students all arrived at the marina with plenty of anticipation for their adventure. It took awhile to get raingear fitted and the boat loaded with student gear, but the boat got away from the dock with much excitement by mid-morning.

It was a good day to practice sailing skills in between the science stations today. The boat made use of the expansive waters of Rosario Strait during the day. They eventually made their way to Lopez Island and Spencer Spit where the boat tossed anchor for the evening and the Water Watch students set up tents ashore. The Wind Watch students stayed aboard the ship for the evening.

Each Watch Group provided input to the Afternoon Report as provided by Alicia, Tyler, Sabine, Aiden, and Kendyl.

Happy Mother’s Day
We really don’t have many stories to share from today, but we had LOTS of fun.
After anchoring, we unloaded our camp gear and personal stuff on Lopez Island, where we set up our tents on Spencer Spit.

Besides the Dungeness crab we saw from the shoreline, we didn’t see much wildlife from the boat, but we did play games such as telephone and quackdididleyoso.
For the evening, Carlyn is moored in the water surrounding Spencer Spit and we seem to be about 1/4 mile from shore, but we can see everyone on land.

The weather today … it was cloudy for the first part of the day, but cleared up for the afternoon when it got warmer.

There were plenty of highlights from the day. We played lots of games and handled a bunch of different science equipment. That was awesome.
We used the Niskin bottle and plankton net and collected a bunch of water that we tested.
We also got to work with the sails! The wind was great today.

As for concerns for tomorrow, we need more avocados … Mr Rozema ate them all.

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