Mt Erie Elementary – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Mt Erie student crew

School/Grade: 6th-7th

It remained a blustery and rainy day through most of the day and into the evening. The students had more opportunities during the day to practice their line handling and sailing skills as well as deploy more science equipment on their quest to better understand the marine waters.

They departed from Spencer Spit on Lopez Island in the morning and were tacking across Rosario Strait by the afternoon. They landed at Pelican Beach on Cyprus Island for the evening.
A hardy dinner and a good campfire provided a pleasant closing to the day.
The wind during the night though, was even enough to make sleeping ashore a challenge, and kept the boat crew attentive through the night. There were some wet and tired people by morning.

The whole crew has been ashore for most of the morning as they work through their science discussion and complete their science wrap-up from the trip.
The last day of the adventure is reserved as a Challenge Day in which the students get a chance to test the new skills and form teams to navigate the boat, deploy science equipment, feed everyone aboard, and come up with some artistic means reflecting their adventure.

The clouds have finally started to part allowing the sun to lift spirits from the deck. The students will soon cast the lines from their moorage at Pelican Beach on Cyprus Island and head towards the homeport at Anacortes.

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