Mount Baker Middle School – Day 3

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: Puget Sound

Name(s): Mt Baker MS

School/Grade: 7th & 8th

After an awesome program day yesterday filled with a good sailing and science, the evening turned into some prolonged activities, games and exploration with both Watch Groups ashore.

There was more gear shuffling from the boat to shore than usual as the captain and mate worked to fix a minor engine concern during the typical dinner time. Thanks to the skill and preparedness of the crew, things were shortly back in order and the Watch Groups set up for their night either in tents or on the boat.

The new day, a bit overcast, but nonetheless brought the excitement of the ‘Challenge Day’ in which the students will be navigating and sailing the boat under the watchful eyes of the Salish crew. They may just get a chance to see some of the 70′ Clipper Race boats navigating Elliott Bay as well. The Clipper Race boats are just finishing a leg of their journey from China, which is part of their 11 month around-the-world raced trip … wow.

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