Mount Baker Middle School – Day 1

Trip Day: Days 1

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Student crew

School/Grade: 7th-8th

The students and crew started their adventure today fromCap Sante marina in Anacortes. After packing the boat and completing their safety talk, they got away from the dock by mid-morning.

I’ve attached the ‘Afternoon Report’ as completed by several of the students, Charlotte and Alexa.

The report speaks to the student adventures and experiences for the day, with a bit about anticipating for the next day.

The boat is anchored on the north side of Spencer Spit for the evening as you can see from the Ship Track. As you will read from the report, half the students are spending the night on the boat, and the other half are spending the night ashore as is typical for the program.

They will convene again in the morning after breakfasts and load the boat to continue their adventure.
The captain is keeping a close eye on the weather forecast as another low pressure front is passing through the region.
One advantage of an adventure in the islands is the numerous places to find good safe water. If wind and wave conditions are not good, the captain will keep the program safe until conditions change.

One disadvantage is the lack of cell phone coverage for transmitting photos, but also keep an eye on the Salish Sea Expeditions Facebook and Instagram pages. When able the crew contributes photos to those sites.

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