Methow Valley Elementary School, Trip A, Day 1, May 2014

Trip Day: 1

Location: Jones Island

Name(s): Keeley B. and Lena N.

School/Grade: 5th Grade

Do you have any interesting stories about today?

Today our watch, the water watch got to work with the sails.  Josephine had a great time climbing the mast to pull down a line. Genevieve don’t worry, your daughter was fine with a big smile on her face (she also had a great time cleaning the head!) Also Lindsay and Bay got to go behind the restraining fence (life lines) on a piece of wood hanging above the water (boomkin) to tie up the mizzen. Lindsay was so excited that she cut herself with a knife while cooking (it’s not as bad as I’m making it seem!).

Any favorite wildlife sightings, quotes, games to share?

We saw porpoises following the boat and we played Screaming Toes, a really fun game where you get to scream!       

Describe the anchorage or moorage where Carlyn is right now:

We can hear the Wind Watch screaming in the distance, where they’re going to camp and the waves lapping against the side of the boat. Jones Island has a dock so we didn’t need to use the lifeboats to get to shore, we could just tie the boat to the dock.

Today’s weather:

A beautiful blue sky all day, although it was a bit chilly out in the open water with the wind blowing.

Describe highlights from today’s science and sailing watches:

Our watch didn’t have science today, but we did a lot of sailing. We learned how to tie knots, raise sails, steer the boat and several other fun things. The other watch did science.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or expectations for tomorrow?

We expect it to be another great, beautiful day!!!

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