Meadowdale Middle School – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: Sucia to Stuart Island

Name(s): Meadowdale MS

School/Grade: 7/8

It was a spectacular morning as the new day dawned on Sucia Island. After rolling up tents and packing camp for the morning, the students filled their bellies with a satisfying breakfast to start the day.

Hoisting the mainsail as a team

Hoisting the mainsail as a team

There was another day of sailing and science station in front of them and the choice was made to head towards Stuart Island to continue their journey.

They spent a bit more time learning the tricks of navigation today which will come in handy on the day in which the students are challenged to take over the ship.

Navigation lesson

Navigation lesson

It was a little more breezy today which made the trip a little more bumpy and also made for some uneasy tummies, but all was settled by the time they reached Stuart Island.

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