Meadowdale Middle School, Day 1, April 2014

Trip Day: 1

Location: Cypress Island, Pelican B

Name(s): Raina S. and Madison P.

School/Grade: 8th Grade

Do you have any interesting stories about today…

We were just departing from the marina after an hour or so of safety instructions and tours, and were finally out in the water with eager anticipation. The deck member pulled out the water bottle crate and was passing out everyone’s water bottles, which were graciously provided by the staff, when someone yelled. “It fell!  The bottle fell overboard!” Now of course, we had just gone over what to do if a person fell in the water, but the poor blue water bottle seemed to make itself today’s example. In a race against time, Brace Becca and Autumn, Captain of the SS Carlyn, turned the keen vessel around in attempt to salvage the lost drink source. Becca used the white motor raft to scour the angry waves; the same waves that, sadly, stole a sailor’s only hope at hydration.

Any favorite wildlife sightings, quotes, games to share?

As I sat at the front of the bow, savoring the wind that blew across my face, the ship was hitting choppy waters. The sudden change in current startled me and I tore my face from the sky to observe my surroundings. A lot of time must have passed because the islands that were once guarding the waters were not there anymore; instead a glooming, dark island rose before the great boat. The trees looked black and evil looking clouds encased the top of the island as if they were swooping in and covering the island in smog. But I had a moment to be frightened for the boat turned around and a new, friendlier looking island appeared, so I went back to my favorite wind and put the strange island out of my mind.  (Madison P.)

The water watch group’s lunch came to a close, the wind watch went down to eat theirs. While this happened, water went over to the bow for some free time. Our teacher, Mr. Howard, taught us a fun game called “Big Booty”. It was not as inappropriate as it sounds. The goal was to become “Big Booty” who was basically number 0 and totally controlled the game.  Everyone sat in a circle with a specific number. If you messed up, you went to the last number and everyone got a new number. You had to be careful to remember your numerical name and keep the rhythm; otherwise you went to the end. This caused a lot of complications, laughter, and overall fun. We played many, many times before we went on to science. (Raina S.)

Describe the anchorage or moorage where Carlyn is right now:

The water before the beach, a naturally textured location, is deep turquoise blue as the group splits into different chores to end the evening. Fresh, ocean air flows in and out of the cabin as cooks make dinner in the galley and writers summarize the glorious events of the day. On the boat, all is calm and the swishing and scrubbing of the washing crew above fills the writer’s cabin. Onions burn cooks eyes as they prepare our dinner and above in the cockpit those who completed their work sit to play and relax. The water’s lap the beaches shore and from the bow you can see the other crew members milling about to prepare their dinner and do their chores, too. The tents are set and the fires lit, and so from now until dark all we will do is rest.

Today’s weather:

The sky is gray, the sea is blue. There seems to be an off balance situation. The rain has decided to scatter itself. Never once could we predict what would happen next. Rain dropped anywhere from lightly to fast and furious. Mother Nature apparently wanted to make our first day out to sea a magnificent occasion. Now, we look into the sky and somewhere beyond the thin layer of clouds is a bright yellow ball of fire.

Describe highlights from today’s science and sailing watches:

  • Deploying scientific equipment
  • Learning how to set the sails
  • Seeing the nature and other boats
  • Learning how to participate in group efforts
  • Collecting plankton
  • Using the fire lines
  • Controlling the sails
  • Relaxing on the water and feeling the wind on your face
  • Meeting new friends

 Do you have any questions, concerns, or expectations for tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be even better 😉

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