Manson Middle School – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Sarah

School/Grade: 7th/8th

It was a beautiful morning in the San Juan Islands today. The breeze was light and the sun was plenty.
The crew left the mooring at Odlin Park on Lopez Island by late morning and made their way into the waters of Eastsound near Orcas Island my mid-day. After collecting waters samples they made their way across Rosario Strait on their way to Pelican Beach on Cyprus Island for the night.

The Afternoon Report was provided by Sarah.

The moorage tonight is on an island between lots of other islands surrounding us. There is a wonderful view of the water from the beautiful beach with lots of trees. It is a beautiful place.

Today’s weather was a dapple of sun with a chance of clouds.

Highlights from the day was putting the mainsail up and down. It was also so awesome using the microscopes today. And did we say the food … the food was great.

Our expectations for tomorrow is for lots of sun, fun, but not too much wind.

The list of interesting stuff from today is long and includes seals, skipping rocks, the geology, copepods, zooplankton, jellyfish, and the awesome weather.

Examining the cod-end

Ships Track – day 2
Odlin Park, Lopez Island to Pelican Beach, Cyprus Island

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