Manson Middle School – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Manson student crew

School/Grade: 7th/8th

The boat and students found their way to Odlin Park on the north end of Lopez Island at the end of the day. Remarkably, the day started for the students on the eastern side of the Cascade mountains. It was sunrise as they crossed over the mountain pass on their way to the marine water of the Salish Sea.
It turned out to be over 4 hours and more then 200 miles before they met the Salish crew and stepped foot on the boat.

The day turned very pleasant, with partly sunny skies and a light sailing breeze between science stations. The students collected plenty of plankton and water samples during the day on their quest to better understand their science question.

Several of the students contributed to the Afternoon Report which provides some insight to their day.

The Afternoon Report:
The weather was partly cloudy with a mild breeze for most of the day. It got sunnier as the day went on.
Highlights from today include when we caught jellyfish in the plankton net. We also learned how to use the science equipment.
It was exciting to raise the mainsail and it took all of us pulling on the line.
Tomorrow we expect … lots more fun!
New and interesting stuff from today included just seeing the ocean, finding crabs on the beach, and seeing the seals. All so cool.

Deploying science equipment

Measuring plankton

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