Island School, Day 1, April 2014

Trip Day: 1

Location: Blake Island

Name(s): Nathaniel and Erykah

School/Grade: 9th Grade

Do you have any interesting stories about today….

Well, we very recently saw an otter that we named Oscar, and Casey here just got momentarily chased by a very angry goose, I think he got to close. And we saw an Eagle!

Any favorite wildlife sightings, quotes, games to share?

Well, on the quote side, Gaelen said “I like to be doing something when I’m absolutely miserable”, and Allison said, “everything tastes better when your cold and wet.”

Describe the anchorage or moorage where Carlyn is right now:

Blake Island is a natural protection area, so there are a lot of animals, and a lot of trees.

Today’s weather:

100% cloudy, with quite considerably more than a chance of rain.

Describe highlights from today’s science and sailing watches:

It was really fun to steer the boat, and getting the zooplankton samples from the Puget Sound was fun.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or expectations for tomorrow?

No, and that is a great sign for the future, isn’t it?

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