Individual Enrollment – spring 2016

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Puget Sound

Name(s): Individual Enrollment

School/Grade: various

It was a very quiet, foggy morning as the crew awaited the arrival of the the students to Elliott Bay marina.
The students came together and developed a science question that would guided the adventure and exploration of the marine waters over the next three days. They decided to investigate the relationship between copper in the water and the abundance of plankton.

Not long after the gear was stowed, the sky started to brighten and the boat slipped away from the dock headed across Puget Sound.

Their first job was to hoist the mainsail on their way out of the marina. The decision was made to make their way towards Port Madison for the evening. It was an awesome day for sailing. The students managed to raise all three of the sails and made 7 knots.

The Evening Report.
The boat is anchored at Pt Madison for the evening with all the students staying aboard. The boys’ bunks are in the forward fos’cle and the gals have rolled out their sleeping bags in the main cabin bunks.

Over the course of the day, they saw seals, otters, herons and eagles. During the evening while at anchor, the students had a chance to practice their rowing skills.

The plan for the morning is to set sails early on their way through Agate Passage.

Sharing the waters on a nice sailing day.

Sharing the waters on a nice sailing day.

In good hands with Captain Ryan

In good hands with Captain Ryan

Discussing science on the bow

Discussing science on the bow

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