Hood Canal School – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: Odlin Park

Name(s): Sjon and Ruth

School/Grade: 8th

It was a long sailing journey past Blakely Island, Orcas Island and Shaw Island today as the students continued to collect water and plankton samples in a further quest to answer their science question.

It rained off and on during the night so it took a bit longer to pack up the campsite and stow gear aboard the S/V Carlyn. The small boat shuttles from the shore to the boat also took a bit longer with the morning wind waves.

In the end, it was a good day of sailing and collecting science samples before the boat moored off shore for the evening.

The Afternoon Report provided by Sjon and Ruth.

Tonight the S/V Carlyn is moored on a buoy in the calm waters off Odlin Park. The boat is facing southwest and it is beautiful as ever when facing the sun. Such a picture perfect portrait/moment 🙂

Today’s weather started with soft gently rain with mighty strong breeze. The day slowly got warm and beautiful and made a perfect day. The day ended with a lightly clouded sky with a splash of sunshine to make it feel warm and fuzzy.

An interesting highlight from the day was seeing the plankton crawl which made our skin crawl a little bit faster.

We wonder if tomorrow could be better.

Our campsite is small but a beautiful light and dark green, and a big place to stretch our legs 🙂

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