Hood Canal School – Day 1

Trip Day: Dan 1

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Caleb and Sjon

School/Grade: 8th

Hood Canal is a long fjord-like arm of Puget Sound with unique features making it a special place in the Salish Sea. The students of Hood Canal School, at the lower portion of Hood Canal, made the long journey to Anacortes this morning to explore another special place in the Salish Sea, the San Juan Islands.

The students met the boat at the marina after the long road trip and quickly settled into getting familiar with the 61′ S/V Carlyn. The Carlyn will be their home for the next three days, and the place they will learn skills in navigating and deploying science equipment.

Today they sailed their way across Rosario Strait on their way to the north end of Lopez Island for the evening. Half the students will be camping ashore, while the other half spends the night aboard the ship.
Tomorrow they will sail further into the San Juan Island archipelago sampling the marine water and collecting information for their science question.

The Afternoon Report from the day was contributed by Caleb and Sjon.

Carlyn is behind the spit (Spencer Spit) anchored to a mooring ball.

Today’s weather was sunny with some clouds. There was no precipitation and the wind was 5 knots.
Both Caleb and I thought that lowering the mainsail was the highlight for the day.
Our question for tomorrow is ‘What’s for breakfast’?

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