Eton School – Day 3

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: Puget Sound, WA

Name(s): Eton School

School/Grade: 7th/8th

It was a dark and stormy night … nothing like living the novel from an island in the middle of Puget Sound.
The evening was plenty rainy and breezy, although the morning broke with a calm drizzy giving some optimism to how the day would play out. It was a calm gray to all the way down to the surface of the glassy water in the marina as the sky lightened.

The students and crew packed up camp and loaded the boat to start another day of science and sailing. They managed some good sailing and a science deployment before conditions changed enough that a decision had to be made with regards to the weather.
The March weather reminded everyone it was still early spring in the northwest.
The students worked on their science analysis back at the dock after lunch and then explored the island. They experienced the special feeling of a ‘silent hike’.

They came across a Killdeer in the field and several Bufflehead along the shoreline.

The day included a engaging discussion on pelagic plastic pollution and ways to prevent and solve the problem.

There was an all-hands dinner ashore tonight, followed by a campfire under rainless skies which was a welcome experience.
Spirits are high and everyone is doing well.
There is much anticipation of the Challenge Day tomorrow. The students will be challenged to operate and navigate the boat, deploy science equipment and making meals during the day.

Word has it a warm shower will be welcomed on returning to civilization tomorrow.

Note: the cell coverage has not been good enough over the last few days to receive photos for the Ship’s Log. There are some photos that have been posted to the Salish Sea Expeditions Facebook page though, so I would recommend seeking the Salish FB page for a few images posted during the program.

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