Eton School – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: Blake Island, Puget Sound

Name(s): Eton School

School/Grade: 7th/8th

The enthusiasm of the students overshadowed the dismal weather forecast that dawned with the day. There was a slight bit of anxiety in planning the day since a Small Craft Advisory alert was slated to be in the mix.

The Morning Report reflected the anticipated weather, and is completed by the students as they look at all the different aspects of conditions including the marine weather forecast, cloud formation, cloud cover, temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, and even a fun fact on this day in history.

Morning Report – Day2

The rain overnight turned into a cool morning breeze as the students broke down camp, rolled up sleeping bags and made breakfast. With the boat finally loaded with camp gear, and the science and sailing plan made for the day, the lines were cast off and the mighty Carlyn and crew were headed out to gather more data points for their science question.

As the winds picked up and the tide shifted later in the morning, the conditions turned enough such that the captain and crew made a safety decision to head back to the marina and carry on experiments and activities in the lee of the weather. With the boat tied to the dock early in the afternoon, the students and crew had time to explore the island.
The students are remarkably adaptable, and spirits remain high as you can read from the Afternoon Report.

The Wednesday weather forecast looks to provide another challenging day, but for tonight, everyone is comfortably snuggled in their bags, in good spirits, and likely dreaming of the wind in their hair.

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