Dimmitt Middle School – Day 2

Trip Day: Day 2

Location: Puget Sound, Blake Island

Name(s): from Sophia and Meseret

School/Grade: 7th

We’re on the dock right now and there are rocks surrounding the land. Raccoons can be seen in many places, and they are climbing in trees and on rocks, and even on the docks and boats. There is a beach full of driftwood and rocks. We’ve also seen three deer roaming around the vicinity/general area. There were a ton of boats floating around on the water today. There was one boat that was all lit up and pretty and had 2 floors.

The weather today wasn’t really bad. We expected rain and not as much sun as we did see today. The rain had only sprinkled once or twice, really. It still got really cold and windy at times. When the sun did come out, everyone was happy. So, overall, the weather was great.

Well, my favorite thing that I did on the subject of science was we got to lower the plankton nets and look at the plankton under the microscope because they were super ugly but cool. When we got to the sailing part of the trip, I really liked putting up the sails. Also, I liked being very cold. I also liked using the colorimeter to test the water because I had never used it before.

We’re all excited for challenge day tomorrow, of course. People may have given me a few ideas. We’re expecting some rain and sunlight here and there. A few concerns Sophia and a few other people have is guiding the boat back. “Can we eat at Palisades when we get back?”

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